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18 Karat Gold Custom Elk Ivory Rings

These images are examples of some of my custom-made elk ivory rings set in 18 Karat yellow gold. 18 Karat gold is an alloy consisting of 75% pure gold and 25% silver. This alloy makes my jewelry more durable than if it were made of 100% pure gold. All of my rings are solid (not hollowed out in the back). I use 18 Karat gold in my custom designs as I find it enhances the color of elk ivories. If you have a suitable ivory from one of your hunts I would be glad to custom make one of my designs to fit your ivory.

I also have a nice selection of ivories to to choose from should you desire. I specialize in making my rings very comfortable to wear as there are no sharp edges to snag clothing. Click on each image for more information or call me at 307-382-3195.